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The Healthy Modaks for our Sweet Bappa!

Sep 10, 2021

Ganpati Bappa Morya!  Maharashtra’s environment is filled with these chants, there are dhols beating in every gully, every house is decorated for the beloved guest and most importantly the air is filled with the sweet smell of modaks coming from every house. The excitement for modaks brings back the childhood memories of stealing modak kept in front of Bappa or helping mom make disastrous modak with those tiny hands. Why is Bappa my favorite god? I always asked myself. Why do we love him and not fear him? Why do we relate to him more like a notorious friend of ours? The answer that made sense to a foodie like me was that he is the only god who does not give you guilt. The face is so calm that it makes us more peaceful and makes us believe that every problem can be solved.  I mean just look at that face, and tell me is he not encouraging you to pick up one extra modak. He is right!

Why Modak? Is it just because our ancestors used to please this guest with modaks so today we keep modak as prasad! No that is not true, there are these amazing stories behind it! It is said that Lord Ganpati has insatiable hunger, he is never full no matter what you feed him, but Anusuya, wife of a sage, served lord a sweet dish which instantly fulfilled Ganesh’s hunger. Curious Goddess Parvati asked what this sweet dish was and she got to know that it was modak. Goddess Parvati expressed her wish that Lord Ganpati’s devotees must offer modaks to him, which has carried on across generations ever since.  

Today in the 21st century Ganesha has decided to go on a diet, just to help him on his way to a healthy lifestyle, here are some Healthy Melon Seeds Modak for our beloved Bappa. Moreover high sugar mithais this year go with something that will fulfil your sweet tooth along with keeping the health goals in check.

  •   Melon seeds
  • Cashew Nuts
  •   Ghee
  •   Jaggery
  •   Water. 


  • Grind Melon seeds and Cashew Nuts into a fine powder
  • Make Jaggery syrup, which is not too thick.
  • Add powdered Melon seeds and mix well on low flame for about 5 minutes.
  • Let the mixture cool down a bit and thicken.
  • Smear the mixture with ghee and shape the mixture into modaks. 
  • Use the moulds to shape the modak and Enjoy this Prasad. 

          This Ganesh festival stay safe, be happy and be healthy and don’t forget to try our Melon Seeds Modak. 

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