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Pull up the socks and come aboard with us to explore the land of healthy living and a happy lifestyle. We here at Happy Karma share a secret mantra with you for your happy tummy, “Healthy snacks a day keeps the junk food craving away.” We set out to bring plant-based nutrition and make it accessible to everyone. Our exciting range of healthy, plant-based nutritious snacks will be a perfect snack for you without sacrificing your diet.
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Sagar Gaikwad

Founder | Dreamer & Experimenter

Meet Sagar! The founder, dreamer and creative spirit of Happy Karma. A tech enthusiast deeply in love with food, trying new recipes, experimenting with new ingredients is his passion. He has worked on designing and development and has extensively worked in product packaging and product concept design. His love for food was so overwhelming that it drove him toward building his passion project of Happy Karma.

What does he do in his free time? :

Sagar is a bibliophile, finds himself engrossed in different types of books in his free time.

Rituja Kshirsagar

Founder | Practical & Realist

Every dreamy person needs a realistic supporter to balance out the equation, Rituja is a perfectionist with an excellent academic background. She had an exclusive experience of over six years in various MNCs spearheading their sales department.
Like thousands of girls out there Rituja had a beautiful flaw of binge eating, which she was constantly trying to turn that habit into her strength. The underlying urge to find answers to her questions took her on a journey called Happy Karma.

What does she do in his free time? :

She loves to travel, explore new places, meet new people are a few of the things she enjoys during her free time.


Love it, or it’s on us.

Here’s why we know you will.

Premium Quality products that are 100% natural
Free shipping and free returns.
No compromise in nutritional value.
Feel better and keep a clear head.
No added preservatives
All our products are additives free
Hygienic Packaging
All packets are carefully packed.
Witness our Journey...

Love it, or it’s on us

Oh, Hiii! Why don't we introduce ourselves to you? Happy Karma is a family seeking the same journey towards guilt-free binge eating. Happy Karma is not just products, we are a lifestyle you have been searching for for so long. We provide plant-based products which are 100% organic, handpicked, and sorted premium and high-quality products and made them easily accessible to all you folks.

With the help of Happy Karma you surely will be helping better your lifestyle but what if we tell you that you are bringing a small change in the society too! Yes! Happy Karma is a woman-led establishment. An amazing team of local women-run our manufacturing unit. Keep supporting Happy Karma and indirectly you will be motivating these superwomen!
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