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Flax Seeds Laddu Recipe

Aug 30, 2021

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¾ cup Roasted Flax seeds 

12-13 Almonds and cashew nuts

¼ Almond Gum 

¾ cup Ghee 

¾ cup wheat flour 


  1. Fry all the Almonds, cashews and almond gum in the ghee till they turn brown. In the remaining ghee add the wheat flour and roast well.
  2. Blend the flax seeds. Now blend Almonds, Cashew nuts and almond gum after the flax seeds.
  3. Heat a pot and add ½ cup of water and sugar to it and let it simmer. 
  4. Add the semi liquid wheat flour to the water. 
  5. Once done mix all the items together and shape them in a circle. Enjoy! 

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