Jun 05, 2022

Roses are red
Water is SCARCE
if you waste the one on EARTH
We can't fetch some from MARS!

It’s a magic potion! I believe it now! And by the end of this little write-up, you will too! But while you read this, keep a large glass of water next to you! You shall need it in between paragraphs to digest what’s written!

One must have at least 3 to 4 liters of water daily. The wonders it has on your body are colossal! Trust me those dark spots you are trying to get rid of shall vanish. It aids weight loss, Improves skin texture, aids digestion, and prevents constipation. Yet, this is the tip of the iceberg. ;)

We do not really realize the long-term effects of dehydration. In fact, we do not realize when we are dehydrated most of the time.

Why is that you ask? Well firstly because our lives and the surroundings around them have changed dramatically over the years. We don't shed as much a tear worth of sweat sitting in our AC offices!

We may not realise the massive ill effects of dehydration now. It hampers sleeping patterns, adds to heart issues, kidney issues. It might not even aid in cleansing toxins out of your body and damage the liver.

Having spoken about drinking water, only 1.2 % of the freshwater available is drinkable as the rest is locked up in ice caps and glaciers! So do use drinking water thoughtfully!
Try and recycle. Along with yourself keep your plants hydrated!
There’s One practice you can start this WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, that is, always carrying a bottle of water from home!
1) This stops you from purchasing more packaged water, reducing buying plastic.
2) You don’t forget to hydrate yourself, as carrying the bottle around always reminds you that you gotto drink, to lighten the weight!

It's no rocket science that it’s 'Drinking water' can be the solution to all your problems. Well, most of it!
It does flush out all the toxic content out of your body for starters! Which you are unable to do with some people in your life. Sometimes, I wish the water would do that tool.
SO DRINK WATER, CHILL AND help your Body Chill, use it thoughtfully.