What is healthy life style? with Dr. Abhishek Deo – PhD

What is healthy life style? with  Dr. Abhishek Deo – PhD

Happy Karma has been advocating a healthy lifestyle from the beginning and recently we received many questions regarding it. Happy Karma took the initiative to meet an expert who can help us answer all your questions.

Meet Our Expert:  Dr. Abhishek Deo – PhD

Expert Dr. Abhishek Deo – PhD talks with Happy Karma

Dr. Abhishek Deo is an International Sports Researcher. He did his Ph.D. Thesis on Sports Performance Enhancement & Substituting Synthetic Drugs. Along with that, he is an Ambassador for the Australian College of Sports (Indian Sub-Continent), Anti-Doping Medical Professional – WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)Certified Anti-Doping Medical Professional (Major Sports) – WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). He is an Australian Sports Anti-Doping Asso. The certified medical professional and a Licensed Member of the Australian Sports Commission. He was nominated for the Young Researchers Award for Innovative Research in Physical Education in 2018. The reason we approached him was his thorough knowledge in the field, constant learning, and updating that knowledge. He has handled thousands of patients and guided them into achieving their goals. Recently he wrote a book Superfood & Nutrition ( yet to be published) which talks solely about the superfoods that we at Happy Karma want to advocate. Dr. Deo and Happy Karma Founders having the same goals of bringing awareness in the society about Nutrition, superfoods, and health, in general, made this collaboration a good fit.


We asked him a few questions that our audience asked us over a period of time. 

Q: What drove Dr. Deo to pursue sports nutrition? 

A: I was an athlete and would play badminton as a sport. During this phase, I understood that Indian people lack in the sector of sports science and nutrition. I felt that significant improvement in that sector will show a noticeable change in overall sports and sportsperson in India. The desire to bring this change drove me towards Sports Nutrition. 

Q: You have been a sports person and now a Scientist, would you rather win an Olympic medal or a Nobel Prize? 

A: When I used to play Badminton, my dream was to win an Olympic medal but currently I am not working for price or fame. My goal today is to bring a significant change in society in the health and nutrition sector. 

Q: What according to you is a healthy lifestyle? 

A: Healthy life is not only being physically fit but the person should be mentally fit as well. I can see many of my clients being extremely lean and they look absolutely fit but they have a number of mental issues like sleep deprivation, anxiety, or something that is wrong internally. All these do not make a person fit. When you are mentally satisfied and physically fit that is the day you can address yourself as a person who is living a healthy lifestyle.  

Q: With the current hype in health awareness do you think that people are aware of the correct ways to achieve it? 

A: Yes, we can see the hype in health awareness but the issue that I can observe as a researcher is that people today are relying more on Social Media or YouTube, or Google for health guidance. Everybody is different and what two people with the same weight would require never is the same. Hence as they are following social media for information they are most likely to get misled by the information. It is better if they get in touch with the professionals rather than being dependent on Electronic media for the solutions. 

Q: How can one achieve a healthy lifestyle? 

A: The food that we ingest in today's times, mostly is produced using preservatives or chemicals, etc. Even the amount of caffeine people ingest or simply anything that they have which goes against the basic rules of the general fitness industry alters with their body chemistry and later on, this alteration starts affecting the health of the person. To rectify this, now everybody needs to understand that the body was made to eat natural things and if you go against nature you never win. So, my advice here is that as long as we go green or go natural we are happy internally as well as externally. 

Q. Would you advocate Supplements or Natural and organic food? 

A: As I said earlier that not all bodies or body requirements are the same, it is based on what that particular person needs, if the natural food is satisfying one's needs and is coming in adequate value then I will go with natural food. Supplements will be advised if it is absolutely needed. Even if you start having supplements they should be recommended by a professional and should only consume the amount that is advised to you. Natural food is always more beneficial for athletes as well as common people.

Q. With all old traditional diets resurfacing just with new attractive names, what are your views about this occurrence?

A: Yes, various diets like the Intermittent fasting and Paleo Diet have resurfaced again. So if we go back in time, it is very clear to us that our ancestors had a clear vision of what is the right food for our body. They called it the staple diet of that place. Every area has its staple diet and the people who are following that diet are healthy more than the ones going with modern trends. We need to understand that the ancestors must have thought something before deciding on that particular diet and we should at least try to follow the rules that have been set by them in the health sector. 

Q. The Happy Karma team has narrowed down some frequently asked questions about the superfoods and we would really love for you to answer some of them. 


What are the best superfoods for health?

A: When we say superfoods we should obviously go natural, these include Seeds, Turmeric, Garlic, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Millets, and many more. These superfoods once included in the diet show effects more efficiently than others and too sometimes in a very short period of time. They can even be easily added to your diet. 

Can people have allergies after consuming Superfoods like pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, buckwheat, quinoa, or millet?  

A: Allergies might happen to some people. Plus these allergies can not be so severe as the ones that happen due to chemicals. These allergies are very mild. they might feel stomach upset or nausea but not something severe. There are very rare people who are allergic to superfoods. 

What is considered the best time to consume Super seeds? 

A: Superfoods have more protein and vitamins compared to other food items. The best time to consume superfoods is during breakfast as your body absorbs good nutrition when the body has fasted from dinner to breakfast, but if you do not find time for it, you can consume them any time of the day. 

In what quantity should we consume super seeds? 

A: Quantity is the most crucial part of consuming anything. Even though one would not consume the whole packet of seeds in one go, we can safely say that one can consume 1-2 teaspoons of seeds in one go. If you want to be exactly sure you can consult a trusted professional who would, based on your BMR and weight, suggest the right quantity. 

Do super seeds make you fat? 

A: If you consume the seeds in adequate amounts they would rather help you in regulating the weight as they have omega 3. 

Q: You being a sports researcher, how do you think Happy Karma products will help athletes or sportsmen in general?

A: People have now started understanding the importance of superfoods, but just understanding the importance is not enough they should know how to implement it. So if you have the right channel or the right source of superfoods like Happy Karma products it can definitely help Sportsperson in their performance. 

Q: What do you think about Happy Karma products and which audience category would you advocate to consume Happy Karma Products?

A: Happy Karma products most importantly are healthy and tasty, this combination helps people to stick to the diet, that is the one key thing with this product is balancing and has maintained. These products most probably will make you feel that a healthy lifestyle too can be enjoyed. And when it comes to the audience there is no specific audience, Every person on this earth can consume natural healthy food.  


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