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The one with Happy Karma. Happy Friendship Day!!

Aug 01, 2021

 Friendship is much beyond friendship bands and sharing a bench in the class. It is filled with ups and downs. It is merely being there for each other, happily accepting the flaws in each other, loving each other without any terms. The teenager version of mine got to know about this in a very humorous way. Yes, I am talking about the iconic show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. They carved their way's in literally every other person's heart. 

         Even after sixteen years, they manage to be the most relatable and favorite show even today. We are still recovering from the emotional flood we had while watching ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S: The Reunion’. These emotions make it a must that we should recall these superfun six characters on friendship days. 

          The iconic six characters all had their own unique identity and weird personalities, they had flaws and yet they were imperfectly perfect. Based on these personalities, here's what the F.R.I.E.N.D.S cast would be as Happy karma Products. 

Happy Friendship Day
  1. The one where Happy Karma Quinoa is a trend setter like Rachel: That one spoiled brat of the group is Rachel. She works in the fashion industry and has a very lavish lifestyle. She was even considered a fashion icon back in the day. She is not just that she is very passionate about her work and wants to excel in whatever she does, except when she serves coffee. Organic quinoa is lavish food, which Rachel would go for. It has created its own healthy trend which is going to stay for a long time now just like Rachel. 
  2. The one where Monica is Happy Karma Pumpkin seeds: The one who is basically the mother of the group. She cooks for everyone, everyone is hanging around her place all the time, she is a control freak. She is the most generous person. She tends to get very loud and freaked out if something is slightly off. Pumpkin seeds compliment her personality the most as the seeds take care of all your body parts very generously. They are tasty like Monica's food. Not to forget the superpower of pumpkin seeds, helping with weight loss. Shhh, it's the secret behind Monica's weight loss.
  3. The one where Chandler is as complex as Happy Karma Trail Mix: “I am hopeless, awkward, and desperate for love.” Chandler describing him, we can not find a more accurate way to introduce this humorous, sarcastic guy. He has all the qualities in him. He is dedicated to his job, may it be being a ‘transposter’ or internship at an advertising company just like Rachel. He is kind, loving like Monica, hopeless romantic like Ross, a child whenever with Joey, and weird like Phoebe. He is the Happy Karma Trail Mix. All the goodness of super seeds mixed in one. The mixture came out to be so tasty that it lowkey makes you fall in love with the character as well as the super seeds. 
  4. The one where Ross is as rusty as Happy Karma Flax seeds: Three divorces guy, or can we say the dinosaur guy. The nerdy companion keeps on passing on unwelcomed information about dinosaurs. He is a weird, confused, loud squeaky guy with an annoying low presence sometimes. He is the guy who is in the group. He is not the holding glue but still, you enjoy the presence. Happy Karma Flax Seeds are the Ross of superfoods, you consume them because they are healthy not because they are tasty or you are hooked on them.
  5. The one where Phoebe is as happy as Happy Karma Sunflower seed: The nightingale of central perk, the sole singer of “Smelly Cat” Phoebe Buffay. She has faced the most hardships one human can face in his lifetime and still she came out as the happiest and positive person one can meet. She is earthy, Unique in her own Princess Consuela Banana Hammock kind of way. Sunflower seeds represent her the best. They are positive and facing the sunlight no matter what. 
  6. The one where Joey's pizza is made of Happy Karma Buckwheat flour: Joey is the child of the group. He is the flirt that no girl can ever resist, especially his “how ya doing?” He is an amazing friend who would go to all lengths for his friends and how can we forget the main identity of Joey, “Joey doesn't share food.” He is a die-hard foodie. There is an order named after him at the pizza place, Joey's special, and any idea what it contains? Joey's special is two pizzas in that order. We got to know the inner secret the pizzas are made with buckwheat flour especially for him to maintain his looks for the soup opera he stars in “Days of our lives” 

     We have tried to search why in most of the recipes Quinoa and Flax seeds don't go together and we discovered that those two were on a break. Pumpkin seeds are infused in trail mix in a way as if they were meant to be. Buckwheat is so flexible that it goes whichever flavor you add to it, the sunflower seeds have found themselves a Mike in salt and have created a perfect blend. Can food be any more healthy? 

       Happy and healthy friendship day to you and your extended family from Happy karma and all the superfoods!