Mar 15, 2022

I pose a serious question to all you, let's call you ‘liquor enthusiasts’, or even better, ‘High spirited’ people! What do you snack on while drinking? I mean c’mon let’s not stink of sophistication! Let’s not deny that masala peanuts and cashews make the best ‘chakhna’!

So what makes you think that these cannot be snacked on otherwise? It's time to replace your chips and puffs and wafers with healthier and tastier options. Gone are the days when healthy synonymed with tasteless. Now, the market has opened to so many healthy snacking options.

From seed trail mixes, to dry fruit mixes, or all these just by themselves! To be honest roasted peanuts and corn also make great snacks! If you are what you eat and you think you are a snacc, then ask yourself, are you healthy or toxic? :P

Berries are another great replacement for all you sweet tooth’s out there! Want some, muffin? Get a blueberry! The berry! You’re the muffin, check the comma! So do makhanas! And honestly, they are wayyyy underrated! Just add your favorite seasoning and gulp it! Tomato? You got it! Cheese? You got it! Peri-Peri? You got it!

I'll leave the fruits out of the way. Because I get it! No one likes to sit and peel a freaking orange, cut a watermelon, or a pineapple! 
Don't consider it a healthy snack!!!!!   IT IS!!!!        But don't!!!!         It's too much work!

Good news to all the chat lovers on the other hand. Bhel Puri comes under healthy snacking! The puffed rice, vegetables, and nuts present make it an ideal snacking option.

Bhel Puri
Besides these, there are soooo many healthier INNOVATIVE snacking options to try on. To name a few there are ragi and chickpea chips that are not fried, popped chips, protein bars, and flavored khakhras! Hell, there are new amazing flavored Makhanas. And there's always popcorn with your favorite seasoning to save the day!

There is always cooking, or baking by yourself but again,  the majority of us are the greatest procrastinators on the planet! And we need snacks QUICKLY not having to spend hours in the kitchen! Given this, I am sure the only thing we can cook up that quick are stories and get baked ;) So it's just a matter of making a small lifestyle change that will go a long way!