Feb 02, 2023

Everybody today desire's a Healthy lifestyle. What do we mean by it? It simply is not achieved by having a skinny body for six-packs abs. People with lean waist or husky bodies may have an unsettling lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means having a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. A healthy lifestyle has a long-lasting effect; it cannot be achieved by a crash diet instead we need a fulfilling journey over a while. A healthy lifestyle gives us deep inner as well as outer changes for our body.
Achieving this well-being is easier than you think. So many new products have been launched in the market in the attempt of making this everyone's cup of tea. Here are five items that will help you kick start the journey towards well-being.


Water is the basic necessity of our body as we have known 60% of our body consists of water, even after that we tend to neglect drinking water or forget drinking water as a result, the body faces dehydration and many other health-related issues. It is advised by Medical Advisors that a person should consume at least one liter of water for every 20 kgs of his weight. Consuming enough water can help us achieve smooth, clear skin. Water helps us maximize our physical performance, relieves us of fatigue, and provides day-long energy. Water helps the body improve the digestive system. The recovered digestive system can result in lower chances of constipation and provides you with a clean bladder.

Fruits Mainly Citrus Fruits:
Fruits Mainly Citrus Fruits

One should always have seasonal fruits, as
season change causes a drop in immunity and every fruit that is produced in that particular season gives us the nutrients to overcome the immunity drop. When fruits eaten in their season are more tasty and nutritious, it is said that fruits tend to lose their nutritional value after the season expires.
The reason one should prefer citrus food is because these are really rich in vitamin C and have dietary fibers. Citrus fruits give you a glowing skin complexion and are good for your eyes hence improving the outer external appearance of the body. Citrus fruits are a remedy for stress and also the accumulation of nutrients to keep your heart healthy.

Super Seeds:
Happy Karma super seeds

Pumpkin seeds
, Melon seeds, Sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, Flax seeds, Chia seeds, and Hemp seeds are the seven super seeds that are a nutritional powerhouse and contribute a lot to building your health. They are a great source of fiber, monounsaturated fats, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Some keep your heart in check, some look after your brain, some help with regulating your sleep. They are good at managing blood sugar levels, cholesterol, blood pressure, and fatigue.

Chia seeds:
Happy Karma Chia Seeds

Even after we have mentioned the seeds, why are we talking about the Chia seeds separately? The reason behind it is that the nutrition in all combined seven seeds are all packed in these tiny seeds. Are you having an issue with overeating or on a strict diet? Chia seeds are your solution. Rich sources in fiber which slows the digestion, plus they expand in size whenever they are in contact with water, helping you to stay full for a longer period. They have a rich source of omega 3 and calcium helping your bones, hair, etc. They can help you to increase your metabolism rate, helping you lose weight easily.

Whole Grains:
Whole grains

Buckwheat Groats, Quinoa, Millets, etc. are considered whole grains. These are amazing alternatives for all-purpose flour. Whole grains are rich in fiber, which helps digestion. They regulate your weight and weight-related issues. They are packed with the goodness of all nine amino acids.  Amino acids are involved in almost every body function, including growth and development, healing and repair, normal digestion, and providing energy for your body. Whole grains reduce the risks of obesity and stroke. They are good for your heart. 

* If you are allergic you can search for gluten-free grains like buckwheat and quinoa. 
The above-mentioned items will help you cleanse and have the benefits that will help you inside out, not only physically but mentally as well.

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